Hire a bartender to sling drinks at your event!


Service Staff

Need someone to walk around with cocktails or hors d'oeuvres (yes, that's how it's spelled, we googled it)? Need a hostess to great guests and assist guests when they arrive? Well, we have some news for you.... We do that too!


Signature Drinks & Cocktail Menus

Want to impress your guests? Nothing says, "fancy" like a signature cocktail or drink menu.  We will be happy to customize one for your party and theme!


Any Budget, Any Event, We Got You!

Size doesn't matter, right? An event can be amazing if it's 10 best friends getting together for a fun night or catching up or if it's the biggest day of your life!  We are here and happy to assist in, not only our services, but also connecting you to some of the best in the (event) biz!


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