Have a question? Well, we have answers!

Do you provide the alcohol?

Our company does not have a cocktail catering service, we do however work with one of South Florida's top catering companies. Red Chair Catering can provide bar and food packages.  Just give us a shout and we will put in a good word for you!

What do your bartenders provide?

Our bartenders come with their own tools of the trade.  We can also provide disposable cups, cocktail napkins and straws for a nominal fee.

What will these Divas (or Dudes) be wearing to my event?

We will come dressed for the type of event.  Some options are:

  • Traditional all black attire
  • White shirts, black pants
  • Themed outfits (who doesn't like a theme party!?)
  • Custom shirts for your event (additional fee may apply)
  • Company logo wear